Thursday, August 25, 2011

Picture credit is given to publix website
1.      When I need some help finding an item there is always somebody ready to help. They even go the extra mile by taking me to the exact location of where my item is located
2.     They always let me sample the meat and cheese as I wait for my meat order to be sliced
3.     I can get a fountain coke while I shop (love it)
4.     The manager is always walking around the store greeting and helping customers. He even went so far as to thank my friend and I for being such diligent coupon gals.
5.     It’s clean…. Need I say more
6.     Friendly, Friendly , Friendly
7.      Great deals especially if you coupon
8.     A coloring book with crayons along with a balloon and a cookie for all kids… amazing
9.     They unload your buggy for you
10. They allow you to make requests like… please put all refrigerated items in paper and the rest in plastic. They even act like your request is perfectly normal and they are happy to do it for you.
11.  They celebrate with you when you rock it out with some coupons.
12. They insist upon taking your groceries to the car because they really do want to be helpful
13. There sandwiches are AH-MAZING