Saturday, June 4, 2011

Well folks we are back from the annual Bush beach trip!!! Boy do I LOVE hanging with G's family. They are wonderful people. I am one blessed lady to be able to call them family. I will show you what we did through photos!!!

                          The big crab hunt... I think we caught like 20 crabs. Crazy, I know!!
My adorable nieces.. Already best buds

 We through one rockin fiesta for this lovely birthday gal. 

My first deep sea fishing trip. No, I did not get sick. Yes reeling in the fish was very difficult. Yes all the men on the boat picked on me for my lack of skill in reeling in a fish. Yes, I did catch this gigantic beauty. No, I did not want to hold it for this picture (it was really slimy) but once again I caved to peer pressure :)

This is one guy who really hates the sun. So this is how he rolls at the beach.... 75 spf suncreen, hat, t-shirt at all times, and he must be in the shade at least 99.9 % of his time on the beach.  Love him

Here is the 1% of his time spent in the sun. 

What is this you ask??? Why it was our ride to dinner at the firefly in PCB. The men were so romantic and surprised us with this little ride. 

This is the firefly where we had dinner while at the beach. The food was fantabulous and the atmosphere was the coolest. 

Here we are by the tree that was in the center of the restaurant. I love the detail.... its made of cement, lights hang in the tree, and little yellow lights flicker (they were the fireflies).

And yes we are both wearing white pants... can you say matchy matchy!!! Thats how we roll!!! 

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