Monday, July 25, 2011

You might be a residents wife if.......
1. A random woman answers his phone and you are not concerned. ( Now ladies put your claws back in because if a woman answers the phone it means G is in the middle of a surgery)
2. Your idea of a romantic date is taking dinner to your husband at the hospital. 
3. You can get any box in the attic.... regardless of whether or not it is larger than you and weighs more than you. This is because you have figured out how to push it up those stairs using your head.... ALONE
4. Stories of rectal foreign bodies don’t shock you anymore.
5. If you know how to get blood out of scrubs
6. You wait for your spouse to call and say he is coming home before starting dinner because you just never know what time he might come home
7. You get asked like a billion times.... so is residency like Grey’s Anatomy?
8. You have grown okay with your husband looking at naked women
9. You keep right on eating your dinner no matter how disgusting or gruesome your spouses work stories are.... it just doesn’t get to you anymore
 10. Your husbands falls asleep at church, in the middle of a conversation, during every movie, while you have tons of company over at your house.... you get the picture they fall asleep during everything. 


  1. Ha! I'm guilty of making the "grey's anatomy" comment. When he first started residency I think......

  2. Here it is Mel! Let me know if it doesnt work...

  3. Catching up on your blog-- how right you are! HOW RIGHT YOU ARE!