Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do You Think I Am Beautiful

Inside every woman is the question
Am I beautiful??? 
Am I loved???
Am I noticed??
We as women want to hear yes to these and many other questions.
God says yes
He says I am enthralled by your beauty
He says you are a pearl
He says I have loved you with an everlasting love
He says you are so loved that I gave my very best... my Son
He says I watch over you... I never take my eyes off of you.
I will never forget while in college a friend of mine gave me a book called “Do You Think I’m Beautiful.” It was one incredible book!!! I realized that all the while I was looking for a guy to love me, to romance me, to sweep me off my feet, to make me feel beautiful that God was always doing all of that. I just wasn’t seeing it because I was too busy looking to boys for the answer. I wasn’t taking Him by the hand and receiving all of these things.  It changed my relationship with God. You see its a relationship not a religion. God is crazy about you. He wants to be numero uno in your life. He wants to speak to these desires within you and tell yes to all of those questions you struggle with. He wants to see you confident not just in your outer beauty and how guys make you feel ,  but in who He has created you to be. The real you can only be found in Him and all those answers can only be satisfied through him. A dude may be able to answer for a season but eventually you will find yourself still struggling with the same questions. Run to God He will show you through his word who you really and will satisfy all of those questions. 

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