Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Recap

  1. Took the cross country team to my high schools homecoming football game
  2. Had a cross country meet Saturday morning 
  3. Went to the lake and rode jet skis with my brother and sister. We froze are little rear ends off
  4. Went to the Luke Bryan concert
  5. Went back to the lake for more family fun
  6. Camilla puked all over me because she decided to eat a container full of live fishing bait. I thought I was going to be sick
  7. Watched a boat following Geary way too close as he drove the jet ski back to the dock. My family joked about it being the lake police. Only to find out as they got closer that it was indeed the lake police. Apparently the jet skis weren’t registered. Geary received a warning and we all laughed about it.
  8. Rode the jet ski with Geary. It wasn’t as cold because he blocked the wind for me. 

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