Monday, January 17, 2011

Being Intentional

I have currently been reading a book by Heidi Baker called Compelled By Love. This was one of my lovely stocking stuffers (boy do I love stockings).
 G got this for me because...
1. Its about a missionary in Mozambique Africa and if you really know me then you know that I L-O-V-E Mozambique  and 2. These missionaries go into the streets of Africa and take in all the children who were left to die, who were selling their bodies just to eat, who were  unwanted and casted out by society. They brought these children into there home and shared the love of Christ with them. ( This is also a passion of mine taking in the unwanted and showing them the love of Christ).. Sooo Geary thought this is perfect!!!

Well I am loving the book and not just because of those two reasons but also because its challenging my love walk. The stories in combination with the Word are so powerful!! The stories that are shared  demonstrate the love and grace of Jesus my Savior. These children now walk in the love of Christ because two people were willing to fulfill the calling that God had on there life regardless of how dangerous and difficult it seemed. Quite often I get so caught up in the routine of my life that I forget to be intentional in sharing the love of Christ with others through my words and my actions. This book has challenged/reminded me to be intentional.

Also these children who were once angry, and thought of as being beyond help are now going out and sharing the love of Christ with others. Their broken hearts were healed by the love of God.  I mean these kids don't just play church but they live it day in and day out. They pray for the sick and see them recover, they pray for food and see food that was only enough to serve 50 serve 500. You see this is the God that I serve the God of miracles signs and wonders. I love Him and through this book I have been challenged to go deeper in my relationship with Christ and to quit playing Church.
Love the book!!!!

 In light of this I thought I would share just a few photos from my trip to Mozambique
Playing kickball with the kiddos in a rural village in Mozambique (see the one leaning against the church... he was soo sweet and I fell in love with him)

Now we are playing catch

Posing for a quick pic while we drive to the next village

The amazing team!!! They rocked!! Apparently we were a little confused about whether this was a silly photo or a serious one.  Oh wait this it the team minus two other guys 

We had a several mile hike to a rural village where we were going to share the gospel so I entertained myself and others by trying to balance a water bottle on my head. I was inspired by the women who carried baskets and all sorts of things on their head. I decided to start small.

I am eating a papaya that I whacked down from a tree with a stick. I had help from the cute little kids in the village.

They were amazed by the camera. These sweet little things had never seen a camera before.

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  1. love the post, love the passion, love the book, love the pictures, and most of your heart. Thanks for sharing.