Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Its A New Season

I look at January not just as the start to a new year but the start of a new season!!! A season of growth, change, expectation and much much more. I truly believe that 2011 is going to rock.
My Vision List For 2011
1. I want this new year to be a year of purpose and by this I mean I want to be purposeful in how I spend my time, my money,... I know this is something that God has been dealing with me on.
2. A year of growth- My personal walk with my Savior, my marriage, our finances, Fuel, Gravity, and our family
3. Read/Finish more books that help my spiritual growth. In the past I have been really good at starting a book but not so good at actually finishing it. HaHa
4. Get organized!! I want to be organized because I am positive this will take alot of stress and wasted time out of my life.
5. More manifestation of the abundant life
6. Do more fixer uppers and sewing projects
7. Learn how to use my new camera
8. Be a bigger blessing
9. Make the dang curtains I have been talking about for a year now

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