Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top 10 (#1)-

Thanks Candra for this wonderful idea of  celebrating every week what we are thankful for!!!

1. Hummus -  I have had it everyday for lunch and its soo good

2. A gas fire place- Its so nice to come into a freezing house and be able to warm it up with a cozy fire

3. That God is faithful!! He never lets us down and if He promises something in His word then He is faithful to do it. He never goes back on His Word. I have been resting on this truth lately and it has really been encouraging.

4. My pearl necklace that I got for Christmas from G- I have always wanted a real pearl necklace. In fact one of my favorite scriptures is about pearls (Matthew 13:45-46). So I finally got them woohoo

5. An organized pantry- That thing was a mess as of last week. I could hardly find anything  in it but now its B- E- A-utiful.

6. The youth at our church- They are amazing!!! I love watching them grow in the things of God

7. The electric blanket thats on our bed- I love crawling into a nice warm bed

8. Blogging- I tried it once and hated it but now I love it. It is so much fun to share my life with others

9. That G is off this weekend- I love it when I get to have a whole weekend with my husband. Who know's what we are going to get into ;)

10. That I only have to cook once this week due to free dinners- normally I love to cook but I am kinda bored with my recipes so this gives me time to come up with some fresh ideas.


  1. Welcome to the challenge! :) Great things to be thankful for! I love the pooch and kitty to!! :)

  2. Always great to reflect on what we are thankful for. I love it. can't wait to see the pearls. You were born to wear pearls though girl! I know they look fabulous.

  3. i "ditto" all your thankfuls except electric blanket...yuck. i like our house 64 and i like to freeze in the bed, ha ha