Friday, September 30, 2011

How to throw a smashing birthday party

Geary's birthday was this past Wednesday. I thought I would share with you what all we did to celebrate the big day. So if you too want to throw a smashing party just follow these quick and easy steps.

Step 1: Drive all over town looking for a candy gift basket. That you discover can only be found at the hospital gift shop.

Step 2: Take your significant other to a yummy restaurant for lunch

( The rest of the steps will come with photos)

Step 3: Party hats. Make sure that you have them not just for the birthday boy. Please make sure to have hats for your guest as well.

Step 4: Don't just hand the birthday boy his gift. Make it more fun by having a scavenger hunt. Its just so much more fun to have the anticipation build as you get closer and closer to discovering your birthday gift.

Step 5: If you really want to wow him make sure to only give him half of his gift. i.e. give him the paddle to his canoe and say by the way the canoe will be here by the end of October

Step 6: A dinner with all his favs. Meatloaf, sweet potatoes, carrots, mac and cheese (okay this ones my fav)

Step 7: No birthday is complete without cake.  The cake must come with candles. You must match the number of candles with his age. i.e. G is 31 so I put 31 candles on the cake. Oh and make sure its the really cheap ones. That way when you go to light them you can only light like 4 out of the 31. If you really want to make this fun make sure you accidentaly buy the trick candles. You know the ones were no matter how hard you blow they just don't go out. So you have to resort to spitting all over your cake.

Step 8: Make sure that your camera is on the wrong setting. That way you can be sure to take a bunch of crappy photos like all the ones you just looked through.

That my friends is how you throw one awesome party.

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  1. oh my i have missed you & your sense of humor! i am sure Geary loved every minute of his birthday celebration with you! miss you tonssss! XO