Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So lately I have been consumed and I wish I could say it was with God and my family but no. No, No instead I have been consumed with getting pregnant. You know where you cry every time your period comes, where you count on a calendar multiple times a day to see if you have missed your period YET!! You google pregnancy symptoms because you just know this is the month.  Its all I could talk about and even think about. 
Well, I guess in being so consumed with this I was dropping the ball on everything else. So its been hard but the last week I have been transitioning my focus from disappointment to gratitude. What do I mean by this??? I mean I am being more thankful for my relationship with God and for Geary. I am focusing on those two areas the most right now. God and Geary deserve all of me not a just a small piece. I was so consumed with getting pregnant that I never could offer my very best. I trust God and I am standing on his word in regards to having a baby so why should I worry and fret. No, instead I will praise Him and trust Him for He is good and He takes care of me simply because He LOVES me. Now for G-man, I am focusing on how can I take care of him... how can I serve him. I love him and he is always giving me his very best and I want to do the same. 
I want to look back on this time and see it as a time of growth and not as a time of defeat. I want my marriage and my relationship with God to flourish during this season of waiting and trusting. 

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