Thursday, September 22, 2011

I forgot to tell you all about my exciting weekend!!! So here we go.....
I went to visit my lil sis, who has just started her 1st year in college. Woohoo!!! It was ahh-mazing!!! She goes to my old college. Can I get a HOOTIE HOO!!! We went to Echo, which is an awesome college ministry at North Metro in Kennesaw. Soo cute because North Metro is where I went to church for a majority of my time in college. She really is following in my footsteps... a tear. 
You know your in college when.... you go to college night at Stevie B’s and it does not start until 10 pm and you stay until 12 am. While you are there you eat three plates worth of pizza and you play all sorts of games. Yes I totally participated.
We went shopping, I got a makeover, and we ate tons of yummy food.
Sorry no photos!!! Boo!!!
Next I spent the rest of the weekend with Geary’s parents and the rest of the family. 
We had fun and I will tell you what we did through photos.

                                                      Rode Marta... Me and G-Money

Braves vs. Mets (apparently I missed the silly photo memo. Either that or he missed the lets look pretty for this photo memo)

not so much sure whats going on here

The games were awesome. We went to the game Friday night and Saturday afternoon. The rest of the trip was filled with eating and having fun together. 

So you might be me if.......................
  1.   You unload all of your crap out of the car. Go inside the hotel and ride the elevator to what you hope is the right floor. You find out when you get to that floor that not only are you not on the right floor but you are not even in the right hotel. So you carry all of your crap back to your car to just drive a block down the road to the correct hotel.
2.During the above chaos you leave your jacket at the wrong hotel and have to go back to that hotel and  retrace your steps to find it. We found it!!
3. Your husband purchases to round trip Marta tickets and you loose yours halfway through the trip and have to pay for your last bus ride to the game. Oh and during the game you find it safely tucked in your camera case.   

4. You go to sports bar to watch the FSU and your whole family is  loudly toasting to your getting pregnant. Then they loudly proceed to give advice on how to get pregnant: Brother In Law says... you just gotta relax, Mother In Law says.... afterwards you just need to lay in bed for a little while... thats how I did it. Man I love them!!! So here's to taking their advice and getting pregnant in the near future!!! HaHa

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