Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So What Wednesday

This week I am saying SO WHAT!!!
So what if.....
  1. Geary’s birthday is today and because of a miscommunication his gift will not be here until October 28th. 
  2. I have an attic full of junk that is just waiting to be turned into a treasure
  3. Geary is looking at buying a boat that looks like it came straight from the dump back in the 70’s. Hey, a boat’s a boat so we can still have fun on the lake, right???
  4. I accidentally left the scoreboard box out in the rain, and now it may or may not work!!! Mistakes happen people so get over it.
  5. I still don’t have the abs that I have been wanting since high school. These things take time, haha :)
  6. Geary caught me sneaking certain vegetables in his food last night. Hey, I am just trying to take care of him. Lesson learned chop them smaller!!!

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