Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lovey Dovey: The fashion Guru

Sooo a few months ago lovey dovey (yes that’s what I call the hubs… cheesy, I know) started hinting around that the makeup I have been wearing for ohhh 6 years now just might not be working for me. I brushed it off.I also  informed him that I had gotten a makeover 6 years ago and this is what she said looked good on me.
I then in that moment remembered my niece one day asking "what happened to your eyes??"  I responded with "its makeup." Nothing like your 4 year old niece causing you to be slightly insecure about your makeup.  She then says "well I don’t like it. " Haha wisdom of a  4 year old. I brushed it off and was like she’s 4 what does she know.
Well last week lovey dovey says… and I quote “ how would you like it if I gave you a gift certificate to go get a makeover and new makeup.” I was all like what do you know you are just a boy. Soo I ever so kindly declined ( can you say offended much).
I few things you should know … Geary is NOT metro!! He is a country man!!! Seriously he hunts, fishes, goes mud bogging,…  he does not read fashion magazines or watches what not to wear. I guess he just has an eye for what works and what doesn’t. He evens helps me figure out whether or not an outfit works or not. Oh and he helps decorate the house. I guess he is a well rounded dude. HaHa
So this weekend I went to see my sister, who is a makeup genius.
Drum Roll Please………………………………………………….. I let her give me a makeover at Sephora.
She is the bomb my makeup has never looked soo good… (confident much) but I am serious.  I no longer look like that girl that wears way to much eye makeup. It looks more natural and works perfect with my skin tone.
My sister even taught me how to properly apply makeup, how sad that I am 27 years old and just now learning this technique. 
It must look good because even my father in law commented on how he liked my makeup.
Ohh and lovey dovey really likes the new look ;)
I will post before and after photos tonight!!!

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  1. Personally, I never thought your make-up looked bad! But makeovers are always fun :)
    You're so funny! and I'm sure you look beautiful! Love you -